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The Many Faces of OpenStreetMap

Chances are, you’re not familiar with OpenStreetMap.  The market saturation of Google Maps and Bing Maps is such that they’re the tools we turn to, sometimes without even thinking.  Both these services have an incredibly beatiful and usable design aesthetic, which makes them easy to read.  There’s no real reason why you’d need a third […]

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Cartography: Bing Maps

Normally, I’m not a fan of Microsoft’s graphic design work. Their UI design, especially in Windows, is barely passable, compared to the innovative work in Apple’s OS X and the KDE project. It seems reasonable that their mapping UI would be equally horrid, and that, along with the ubiquity of Google Maps, has relegated Bing […]

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Demonstrating the MapPress Plug-in

Adding a Google map to your website isn’t terribly difficult, as long as you’ve read some documentation and understand a little JavaScript.  But when it comes to displaying maps in a blog or CMS, adding custom JavaScript via a WYSIWYG interface can be tricky.  This site is powered by the WordPress CMS, and I’m not […]

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