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The Many Faces of OpenStreetMap

Chances are, you’re not familiar with OpenStreetMap.  The market saturation of Google Maps and Bing Maps is such that they’re the tools we turn to, sometimes without even thinking.  Both these services have an incredibly beatiful and usable design aesthetic, which makes them easy to read.  There’s no real reason why you’d need a third […]

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Decoding Mapping URLs

Almost everyone on the net has had the opportunity to use one of the big four web mapping sites: Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo! Maps, and OpenStreetMap.  It’s possible to host a custom map on your own site using one of these services, as long as you have some programming experience.  But it only takes […]

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OpenStreetMap + Microsoft

Reblogged from Slashgeo: This is certainly major news. Steve Coast, the OpenStreetMap founder, joined Microsoft’s Bing Maps team. From the announcement: “Continuously innovating and improving our map data is a top priority and a massive undertaking at Bing. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new initiative to work with the OpenStreetMap project, a community […]

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